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Aug 08 2010

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference 2010

TheĀ International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a nonprofit membership association providing leadership and service to improve education through the effective use of technology.
ISTE 2010
We were privilege to be able to present a 3 hour workshop at the ISTE 2010 conference. Having been fortunate enough to have attended many educational conferences my impression of ISTE is that this is the conference to participate in. 12,000 delegates, hundreds of exhibitors, keynotes, workshops, special interest groups, breakout meetings and round table activities are just some of the features of the three day conference. Many of the delegates were from the US however like us there were many international delegates.
Many contacts were made, an information shared, we will be covering some of the developments from these in later posts.
For those that are interested in following up and perhaps attending follow this link to the 2011 conference:
Our workshop included the work we have been doing using Playstation portables in education and also some an introduction to iPods in education.
Our presentation is included with this post and can also be found on slide share.
Aug 01 2010

Yet another example of AR to sell stuff.

As we have already mentioned in previous posts augmented reality is being used more and more by companies to create a more enjoyable and informative experience for consumers. This is another example that I noticed in a magazine. Looking for a new watch, not sure what it is going to look like on your wrist! What about trying on the same watch with different colour straps, that is if the shop has them! Well now using AR you can, provided you are looking for a Tissot watch. Check out There are two downloads that you will need, firstly the app which is available for Mac and PC and a PDF of a watch shape which you can cut out and put on your wrist, the key is that the paper watch includes an AR marker.

Run the app, you will need a webcam, select the watch you like the look of, and then point the camera at your marker adorned wrist. There you go that is what it is going to look like on your wrist and lots of information about the key features of the watch.

There are instructions and a helpful video, if you need some more help.

The benefits for both seller and customer are clear to see, AR greatly enhances the experience. How can we use this technology to make the learning experience more informative and engaging? Teachers are starting to explore the potential of AR in their classrooms, we will posting examples in future blogs.

May 03 2010

Augmented Reality – What is it.

Our last post looked at an example of augmented reality (AR) on the Telus stand at the Ski and Snowboard festival at Whistler, Canada. Whilst searching the Web for AR in eduction I came across this short description.

Unlike Virtual Reality (VR) that aims at replacing the perception of the world with an artificial one, Augmented Reality (AR) has the goal of enhancing a person’s perception of the surrounding world. Being partly virtual and real, the new interface technology of AR which is able to display relevant information at the appropriate time and location, offers many potential applications; these include aiding in education, training, repair or maintenance, manufacturing, medicine, battlefield, games and entertainment.
Unfortunately the reference link to not work so I cannot attribute the work.

Many of us will be aware of “heads up displays” often a feature of modern fighter planes or attack helicopters but now see more benign use for display speed displays on the windscreens of someĀ  cars.

HUD of car speed

Heads Up Display of car speed

Learn Extreme will continue to explore the potential of AR and to track developments as we come across them.

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