Jun 05 2010

PSP Functionality in the Classroom

One of our first uses was to have students record video diaries when they were on school trips. Annually Space Education Adventures takes sixth form students with good ability in STEM subjects to Johnson and Kennedy Space Centre to work with NASA and Lockheed Martin engineers, visit both present and historical NASA facilities and participate in a number of mission simulations, both Challenger missions in Houston and also at the Atronaut Training Experience, Florida.

Using the Camera and the video recording capabilities students videoed themselves and using the playback facility they we able to check what they had done was satisfactory. NOTE the PSP has very little editing facility so we encouraged the students to record their thoughts as a series short clips which could could easily be deleted and then re-recorded. The video diaries were then uploaded to the trip blog (we used WordPress for this).

Colleagues have also used the PSP to created video diaries, there are other devices such as flip cams, but the PSP has been particularly successful with young children and students with learning difficulties.

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