Apr 18 2010

Self Review Framework

UK schools looking to audit their use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning, improve learning outcomes and to engage students should take a look at the BECTA Self Review Framework at https://selfreview.becta.org.uk/.

The is no charge to sign up to the process which is the first good point. The framework is splits the whole school use of ICT into 8 elements. Elements are then split in strands. Schools complete the first stage of the process by making judgments about where its stands on a number of statements. For example “our vision of ICT…” is clearly expressed. There is then a spectrum of responses ranging from “not at all” to “very well”

After completing each element schools are provided with a summative statement about the schools use of ICT and a comparison to similar schools. Providing evidence for judgments is also a key part of the process.

By engaging with the process schools can get recognition for their commitment to ICT and work towards gaining the ICT mark. Schools should take a look at the BECTA Next Generation Learning Charter at http://www.becta.org.uk/nextgenerationlearning.php.

We will return to Self Review Framework in the future including who schools can get help with the process and additional links.

In the meantime this is a short Prezi presentation we put together for marketing SRF at a Headteachers conference http://prezi.com/m-t_p_xpinky/ enjoy, and please comment, constructive ones work best!

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