Dec 01 2010

Cool way to organise bookmarks – Symbaloo

We don’t talk a lot about about the applications we use and rarely recommend anything (perhaps we ought to do a lot more!) however this is one web based application that we will be using in our presentations, it’s cool, it’s slick, it presents the right image and best of all it is easy.

Symbaloo is a free service for individuals. It uses tiles on a grid as links to websites. They call them web mixes and you can create lots of them.

Example Page:

Symbaloo Page

Symbaloo - Web Mix

The ability to share web mixes with others, and I am thinking particularly of a class of students who are undertaking research and you want to give them a few leads, it potentially really useful. We have spoken about Personal Learning Environments (PLE) and technology supporting the individual learner. Well here is something that is simple to use yet is a powerful driver for developing PLEs.

If you take a look at the forum teachers have shared some of their web mixes. When I have done some more research I will add some links to these resources.

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