Aug 16 2010


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It is now universally recognised to meet the challenges presented by the world we now live in and the unknowns the future holds in store for us will require citizens who are better informed, creative thinkers, skilled in ways we can yet imagine, problem solvers and independent thinkers.

Are our educations systems capable of developing citizens with such skills? Currently probably not, but they certainly can be and indeed must.

There is much discussion about how technology can be used to deliver new learning environments supported by new pedagogy.

Learn Extreme is about these new learning environments. This is not a place for often repeated rhetoric, we seek to “bridge the gap” taking concepts and ideas into practice.

We will highlight the best educational practice as well as new and innovative technologies and their potential benefit for learners and educators.

Join Learn Extreme to share the journey and together we can make a difference.

Learn Extreme Team

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